Kern YKI-02 RS-232/Bluetooth adapter

YKI-02: RS-232/Bluetooth adapter

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  • Adapter for the wireless connection of balances, force measuring devices etc. to an RS-232 interface to Bluetooth devices, such as Bluetooth printers (e. g. KERN YKC-01), tablets, laptops, Smartphones etc.
  • In this way, where there is a physical separation or a large distance between the devices, the weighing data from one or several balances can be easily sent wirelessly and printed on a Bluetooth printer or transferred to a Bluetooth device (you would need the relevant software on the Bluetooth device, not included with the delivery). The compact adapter with its attractive design can usually be connected directly to the balance , i.e. an additional interface cable would not be necessary. The power supply is either through the balance (if compatible) or with the mains adapter which is supplied as standard . Range up to 100 m in the open, depending on obstacles, such as, for example, walls, and the sensitivity and type of antenna of the receiver. Intersections of send and receive lines using the DCE/DTE switch .
  • Scope of supplies: RS-232/Bluetooth adapter, mains adapter (EU/UK/USA/AUS/CH), USB-A to Mini USB B cable , gender changer , driver CD.
  • For initial configuration, you will need a computer with an RS-232 connection or USB-RS-232 adapter
Dimensions (W×D×H): 46mm x 34mm x 16.5mm
Power supply
Mains adapter/adapter included: CH | EURO
Brand: KERN
Category: Accessories
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Dimensions packaging (W×D×H): 160mm x 155mm x 65mm
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