Kern YBI-01A Ioniser

YBI-01A: Ioniser to neutralise electrostatic charge

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  • Goods to be weighed which are non-conductive, such as plastic, china, glass, etc often carry electrostatic charge. The electromagnetic field which then occurs between the goods to be weighed and the balance can cause the weighing result to be distorted by up to a gramme.
  • Therefore, when weighing in milligrammes or even smaller increments, we recommend neutralising the electrostatic charge with the KERN AC-Korona discharge ioniser.
  • With the mount supplied with the ioniser, it can be positioned conveniently next to the balance or you can manually direct it from all sides onto a particular item to be weighed.
Dimensions (W×D×H): 110mm x 115mm x 45mm
Dimensions device (W×D×H): 110mm x 115mm x 45mm
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