Kern RFE Precision Balance
Kern RFE Precision Balance
Kern RFE Precision Balance
Kern RFE Precision Balance

RFE: Compact portion scale with 2 XXL displays – weight, unit price, total price and TARE value at a glance

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  • Ideal as a salad scale, sweet scale, checkweigher, portion scale
  • Large LCD display with four displays for weight display (verifiable), unit price, total price and stored TARE or PRE-TARE value
  • TARE value display: this shows a TARE or PRE-TARE value stored in a PLU, which enables this value to be stored in a legally binding way in accordance with the Weights and Measures Act
  • 1. Second display on the rear of the balance
  • 2. Column to elevate the display as standard, can be easily fitted or removed by the user . The power cable for the second display can be stored in the folding column which is hygienic and gives a tidy appearance. Height of stand approx. 395 mm
  • 3. Thanks to easily-understandable, universal symbols e.g. for weight, piece weight, total price this balance can also be understood and operated easily all over the world
  • Unit price can be switched from €/kg to €/100 g
  • Auto-clear-key: Unit price entry is automatically set to zero when scale is unloaded
  • Memory (PLU) for 100 article prices
  • 4 direct price keys for frequently recurring article prices
  • Item description can be entered, stored and shown on the display in clear text
  • Calculation of change
  • Headers and footers of the printout can be programmed directly on the balance
  • High mobility: thanks to rechargeable battery operation (optional), compact, flat construction and low weight, it is suitable for use in several locations
  • Recessed grips on the underside of the scale for easy transportation

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    Minimum load


    RFE 6K3M

    3 | 6

    1 | 2

    1 | 2


    RFE 30K3M

    15 | 30

    5 | 10

    5 | 10


    RFE 15K3M

    6 | 15

    2 | 5

    2 | 5