Kern PLJ-C/PLJ-G Precision Balance
Kern PLJ-C/PLJ-G Precision Balance

PLJ-C / PLJ-G: Process reliability thanks to automatic internal adjustment and EC type approval [M]

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  • Automatic internal adjustment in the case of a change in temperature and time-controlled at defined intervals
  • 1. Draught shield standard (on all models with readout [d] = 0,001 g). weighing space WxDxH 140×140×65 mm
  • 2. Weighing principle: Force compensation
  • Alibi memory: paperless archive of weighing results
  • Internal memory for up to 999 weighing results, 1000 items, 100 container weights, 100 users
  • USB interface for transferring weighing data to the PC, printer, USB sticks etc.

  • 3. Weighing principle: Strain gauge
  • Rechargeable battery pack internal, standard, operating time up to 35 h, charging time approx. 12 h
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