GAB-A04: Rechargeable battery pack internal for CFS, CPB, CCS, FCF, GAB-N and RPB

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  • Rechargeable internal battery pack
  • Suitable for:
    • counting scales: KERN CFS, KERN CPB
    • counting system: KERN CCS
    • bench scales: KERN FCF, KERN GAB-N
    • price computing scale: KERN RPB
Dimensions (W×D×H): 120mm x 80mm x 60mm
Brand: KERN
Category: Batteries and rechargeable battery packs
Product Group: Operation by rechargeable battery pack
Packaging & shipping
Delivery: 24 h
Dimensions packaging (W×D×H): 75mm x 110mm x 60mm
Gross weight: 779 g
Net weight: 741 g
Shipping method: Parcel service