Kern FKA Counting Scale
Kern FKA Counting Scale
Kern FKA Counting Scale

FKA: Stocktake scale with touchscreen to quickly measure the quantity of stock items and transfer the information to the PC

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  • Application-orientated balance-PC system for rapid and reliable recording of stock levels, e. g. as part of a stock-take or goods inwards control
  • Using the software included as standard, an excel list produced by a PC with stock-take items can be transferred to the balance. In the warehouse, stock-take items can then be weighed, counted and stored by the balance, while still in their containers. In doing this, the stored container weight will be subtracted automatically. After the stock-take, the stock level will then be transferred back to the PC and can then be processed further as an excel table. In this way the amount of work and input at the balance is kept to a minimum and time efficiency is maximised = saves costs
  • Counting with fixed and variable reference quantities
  • Precise counting: The automatic reference weight optimisation of reference weight gradually improves the averag piece weight value
  • High Flexibility: During stocktaking, stored PRE-TARE can be corrected immediately on the scale. Items which have not yet been recorded can easily entered using the scale and then transferred in the stock level list
  • 1000 item memories for master data, such as item number, PRE-TARE (container weight), reference quantity, weight etc.
  • During stocktaking it is possible to print individual items recorded
  • Barcode scanner can be connected for rapid item recognition, with no confusion