Kern EMS Precision Balance
Kern EMS Precision Balance

EMS: Entry level balance with large weighing platform

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  • Especially suitable for use in schools and universities, for example for biology, chemistry, physics
  • Large, shock proof plastic weighing plate
  • Particularly flat design
  • Ergonomically optimised key pad with large keys and a high-contrast LCD display
  • Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet
  • Adjusting program CAL for quick setting of the balance accuracy, external test weights at an additional price
  • Draught shield standard, only for models with weighing plate size Ø 105 mm,, weighing space WxDxH 145×145×65 mm
  • In order to make it easier for you to make the right choice of KERN balance, we have included a quality code for each model, which is made up of two quality features and will give you technical data and pictograms in addition to the product features. This will help you to make the decision on the perfect balance for your application
    Model Range resolution
    22 1 0.1
    23 2 0.2
    24 3 0.3
    25 4 0.4