kERN CFS-A03 Signal lamp

CFS-A03: Signal lamp for visual support of weighing with tolerance range

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  • Three-colour LED, red, green, yellow
  • Suitable for:
    • bench scale KERN GAB-N
    • counting scale KERN CPB
    • platform scale KERN IFB
    • drive-through scale KERN NFB
    • display device KERN KFB-TM 
    • (on request: floor scale KERN BFB and pallet scale KERN UFB)
  • Overall dimensions W×D×H 100×180×300 mm
Dimensions (W×D×H): 100mm x 180mm x 300mm
Overall dimensions mounted (W×D×H): 100mm x 180mm x 300mm
Brand: KERN
Category: Accessories
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Dimensions packaging (W×D×H): 260mm x 650mm x 155mm
Gross weight: 1 kg
Net weight: 1 kg