Kern BXS-A01 Ascending Ramp

BXS-A01: Ascending ramp for KERN BXS

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  • Suitable for KERN BXS
  • Note: For verified models the weighing bridge must be fixed to the floor. Optionally by two ascending ramps or two pairs of base plates or by a combination of these two options.
Dimensions (W×D×H): 1000mm x 840mm x 85mm
Dimensions of weighing plate (W×D×H): 1000mm | 840mm | 85mm
Material weighing plate: Steel, lacquered
Brand: KERN
Category: Ramps
Product Group: Ascending ramp
Packaging & shipping
Delivery: 48 h
Dimensions packaging (W×D×H): 1000mm x 1285mm x 230mm
Gross weight: 74 kg
Net weight: 46 kg