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Kern 440 Precision Balance
440: The classic laboratory balance
Kern 572 Precision Balance
572: All round balance for laboratory and industrial applications
Kern 573 Precision Balance
573: Precision laboratory balance with counting and check weighing functions and EC type approval [M]
Regular price £570.00
Kern ABS / ABJ Analytical Balances
ABS-N / ABJ-NM: The bestseller in analytical balances, with high-quality single-cell weighing system and EC type approval [M]
Kern ABT Analytical Balances
ABT: The premium model with single-cell weighing system
Kern ADB Analytical Balance
ADB: The price breaker in analytical balances
Regular price £910.00
Kern AES-C/AEJ-CM Analytical Balance
AES-C / AEJ-CM: Compact, high-end analytical balance with pipette calibration function and internal memory
Kern ALS-A/ALJ-A Analytical Balance
ALS-A/ALJ-A: Range of analytical balances, with large weighing ranges, also with EC type approval [M]
Kern DAB Moisture Analyser
DAB: Moisture analyser with user-friendly graphics display and 15 memories for drying programs
Regular price £1,130.00
Kern DBS Moisture Analyser
DBS: Moisture analyser with graphics display and 10 memories for drying programs
Regular price £1,270.00
Kern DLB Moisture Analyser
DLB: The moisture analyser for heavy, high-volume samples
Regular price £1,170.00
Kern EMB-V Precision Balance
EMB-V: Compact lab balance with density calculation function
Regular price £250.00
Kern EMS Precision Balance
EMS: Entry level balance with large weighing platform
Kern EW-N/EG-N Precision Balance
EW-N / EG-N: Laboratory balance with tuning fork measuring system and EC type approval [M]
Kern MLS-D Moisture Analyser
MLS-D: Infrared moisture analyzer with graphics display and a vast database
Regular price £1,450.00
Kern PBS/PBJ Precision Balance
PBS / PBJ: Multifunctional laboratory balance with single-cell weighing system and EC type approval [M]